The original text of the recipe, taken from Gent KANTL 15. Published by W.L. Braekman in 1986 as Een belangrijke middelnederlandse bron voor Vorselmans’ Nyeuwen Coock Boeck (1560)
Om ghode waffellen te backen.
Nempt gheraspt wijt broet. Nemt daer toe enen doijer van enen ey ende enen lepel pot sucars of melsucars, ende hier toe nempt half waters ende half wijns ende ghenbar ende canel.

The original text of the recipe, taken from Gent KANTL 15. Published by W.L. Braekman, in Een nieuw zuidnederlands kookboek uit de vijftiende eeuw.
Om eyer wafelen.
Neemt ende raspt witte broot, daer eyer in alsoe vele dat is al morw deech, ende tot eender dosijnen eyer omtrent een gelas wyns, ende een lutken zuycker om den wyn wel zoet te maeken, ende wat gesmelter booteren daer in. Men maeckse oeck wel alsoe van terwenbloemen. Vanden broot eest best.

English Translation from the Coquinaria site
To bake good wafers.
Take grated white bread. Take with that the yolk of an egg and a spoonful of pot sugar or powdered sugar. Take with that half water and half wine, and ginger and cinnamon.

To make egg wafers.
Grate white bread, [add] as many eggs that the dough is liquid (litt. “soft”). Take for a dozen eggs about one glass of wine and a little sugar to sweeten the wine well, and some melted butter in it. They are also made with wheat flour. [Made] with [grated] bread is the best.


My Recreation
3 1/2 cups breadcrumbs (dried baguette pulverized including crusts)
4 large eggs
1 cup sugar
1 1/3 cups white wine (Moscato varietal)
1 cup butter, melted
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp ginger
1 tsp salt

  1. Beat eggs, sugar, salt, and wine until well combined
  2. Mix in the breadcrumbs, cinnamon, and ginger until smooth.
  3. Add the melted butter, mixing until smooth.
  4. Heat pizzelle iron and grease with non-stick spray
  5. Place 1 tbsp of batter in the center of the cookie design, repeat until each is covered
  6. Close iron, and cook until the light goes off.
  7. Remove the pizzelle from the iron, and cool on a rack.

My observations
I have made pizzelle for years, and I have to agree with the note in the original recipe, making them with breadcrumbs is best.  I also have an electric pizzelle iron that makes four pizzelle at a time, so a larger pizzelle iron will take more than 1 tbsp of batter per wafer.  Also, if you want to roll the wafer into a tube, use an iron that makes a larger sized pizzelle, because the mini-pizzelle did not maintain structural integrity when rolled.