As a surprise I was going to make a illusion haggis for the vigil, I mean what Scotsman doesn’t love a haggis, but not everyone is thrilled with the offal.  My plan was to combine the look and spicing of a haggis with the ingredients of a Christmas figgy pudding.  I don’t have the equipment for a steamed pudding so this project died on the vine.  However I had already set about macerating the fruit, so I decided to serve the fruit as it was.  I was also serving pork, I figured it would work with it.

Many people raved about the fruit and asked for the recipe.  I don’t have a period source this, it was instinct and I just threw it together.  I am sure if I went digging I could find something showing dried fruit rehydrated with alcohol, so here is what I did:

Approx 1 pound of dried figs diced
Approx 1 pound of golden raisins
Approx half a box of currants (a Sunmaid box)
Cover with Scotch (not the good stuff, something Dewar’s-ish)
Let macerate for three days